Sunday, October 3, 2010

Since I'm stuck on the couch, probably the rest of the day, I thought I would blog about my kind of embarrassing accident I had this morning. 

I thought I was being a nice mom/wife this morning because it was Kyle's morning to sleep in and the boys were getting restless and loud. So I thought we would go for a ride and see the ocean. We drove out to Todds Point and around town a little bit and then came home. I got Elio out of the car and put him on the ground, then I got Nico out. I was holding Nico and we were going to go back in the house. I was walking down the steps by my car, and I think what happened was I kinda rolled my ankle. I was trying to avoid breaking my ankle and some how I fell. I fell while holding Nico, which was the worst part of the whole thing. I tried to catch myself and fall gracefully while trying to protect Nico. Well none of that happened, it just all happened to quickly. Nico fell out of my arms and bumped his head on the cement and this is what happened to me (it looks way worse in person and is super swollen):
 Luckily Nico just ended up with a little bump on his head, and is alright. It was so scary for me though. I had to lay on the ground crying with Nico crying and Elio crying, not know if I broke my leg or if I could walk, and if Nico was ok. I had to yell for Kyle who was still sleeping in the house. I yelled about 5 times for him and he didn't hear me. Fortunately our neighbor Steve heard me yelling and came over to help. He grabbed Nico and went in and woke up Kyle, then helped me in the house. It was such a horrible feeling laying there feeling helpless and not knowing if Nico was ok. Well Kyle got me all cleaned up and now I'm just sitting on the couch catching up on some of my tv shows, because it hurts to get up and walk. 

I'm thankful we didn't get hurt more than we did, for a great neighbor and a wonderful husband who's taking care of  me and the kids today. 

No, that isn't my knee, that's a swollen lump on my leg. It was almost the size of my knee though. 
I'm happy to report that when I woke up this morning, the majority of the swelling was down, and I can walk much better.

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