Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome Trent!

We made a quick trip over to Vacaville this last weekend to see the newest member of the Nelepovitz family.
He's such a little cutie!

We also spent much of the weekend in the pool. The boys both loved the water!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

We've been back from Orlando for a few days now. The time change on east coast really got to us. Most days we were at the park when it opened around 8, so that means it was 5 our time. Plus we were up an hour or so before that to get ready, so we were getting up at about 3am our time. Needless to say we were all pretty exhausted, however it didn't stop us from having an amazing time!

My grandma treated all 15 of us to this wonderful vacation. We played at the pool, went shopping, went to Animal Kingdom, Gatorland, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, did an airboat ride and a trip to the Kennedy Space Center.

We rode lots of rides, Elio went down his first waterside, they touched alligators, saw all their favorite characters (Mikey was at the top of the list!), pet cows and goats, saw fireworks, walked through a space shuttle, fed ducks and birds and had tons of fun!