Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Nico!

Can you believe he's already 2? Time sure flies when you have kids, and it seems to go even faster, the more you have. 

Nico brings so much joy to our lives. He's talking more everyday. He loves his big brother. Trains and Woody are his favorites. He has the BEST smile, especially when your mad at him. Nico's pretty tough, which I think he owes to Elio.  He eats more fruit than any other child I know. He's daring, and enjoys jumping off things that are high. He has such a great heart, he loves giving hugs and kisses. He enjoys learning to ride his bike. The best part, he's almost potty trained (hopefully 100% before baby comes)!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

With the boys getting older, the holidays just keep getting better every year. This year we started getting ready for Christmas with Elf on a Shelf. Elio decided the elf was a girl and named her Elfie. She watches them all day, then at night she flies to the north pole and reports to Santa, whether they've been good or bad. In the morning she shows up somewhere new in the house. Every morning the boys were filled with excitement to discover where she was.

We really tried to get into the Christmas spirit this year, and do as many activities as we could. We went to the Lighted Truck Parade, saw Santa several times, Elio was in his first Christmas play, and went to the annual Festival of Lights at the Botanical Gardens.

He was the cutest little donkey we've ever seen!

The weekend before Christmas we celebrated with my family, then the following weekend we headed to Vacaville to be with Kyle's family. The boys loved every minute of Christmas. They were both into opening presents this year, actually it was kinda hard to stop them from opening.

Waiting at the top of the stairs.

So excited!

Daddy's surprise...A bee bee gun!

Elio, Nico, and Trent

Teeter Totter!