Monday, October 4, 2010

RIP Lucy

Last night was a sad night, we had our first fatality. Every morning we let the chickens out and put them away every night. Usually they hang out in the yard all day. If we get busy and put them to bed after dark, they put themselves to bed, and we just close the gate. Well last night was one of those nights were we got busy putting the kids to bed and cleaning things up, before we knew it, it was dark out. Kyle and I were in the living room and we heard a lot of squawking outside. Kyle ran out with his flashlight, told me to get the gun, then I hobbled out after him. There were feathers everywhere. White feather, Lucy feathers. Millie was the only chicken in the coop, Lucy and Coco were missing. The trail of feathers went through a fence and into the woods, Lucy was gone. Coco was still missing, we grabbed Millie and brought her up to the house, so she could sleep peacefully in the garage. Right before we were going into the garage, Coco showed up. Oh, we were relieved! Both girls slept in the garage last night.

When we looked around this morning it turned out, we were really close to losing two of the girls last night. There were quite a few of Coco's feathers spread all over an area of the yard. I don't know how she got away, but she did. I'm thankful she escaped. Poor Lucy, we feel so horrible, it was such a bad accident that we could have prevented. 

I'm pretty sure yesterday was one of the worst days we've had in a while. Between my accident, the neighbor kid came over, fell off the swing and got a bloody nose and Lucy, it was a bit rough.

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