Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We bought our house at auction in September two years ago then officially closed escrow two years ago this month.  It took three or so months for us to get it ready to move in. It feels so good to have such a wonderful home. Even though it's been a lot of work (we've had a lot of surprises), it's been well worth it.  It's been fun to make our house our own, and be able to pick almost everything out ourselves. We love not having a ton of neighbors, we have a beautiful view of the redwoods, we are out of the fog line, and it's going to be a great place for the kids to run around when they are older. Not to mention it's a great spot for our little farm and garden.

Here's some of the things we've done to our house / property:

Tented for termites
Took off popcorn ceilings
Got the trailer off the property
New oven
New stove
Took out old landscaping
New carpet
New laminate Floors
New paint
Textured inside of house
Put in a fireplace
New light fixtures
Tiled first bath
New bathroom mirrors
New toilets
New windows
New trim and baseboards

...and all that was before we moved in! Here's what we've done since moving in:

Burned down modular  (YAY!)
New kitchen faucet
Built a fence
Built a chicken coop
New exterior paint
Took off old gutters and put up new fascia
Sandbox for the boys
Fixed sliding doors in kitchen
More interior paint
Planted some plants
Tiled the master bath
New vanity in our bath
Changed out some light switches
New furnace 

 Wow, looking back, we've really gotten a lot accomplished in the last 2 years and we did all this with Elio being an infant, then toddler, and then having Nico. Luckily we've had a supportive family and have had a lot of help.

We have a few more things on our to do list:

Install the wood stove in the garage
New deck
New roof
New driveway
Build a garden
Make a goat pen
Kitchen Remodel 

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