Friday, May 20, 2011

Yesterday was a great day!

The MOMS Club organized a trip on the Skunk Train for us. First we drove out to Camp Mendocino. It's a boys and girls camp in the summer, but right now they're getting it ready for the campers so there are two families there at the moment. They both have little kids, so they were happy to have us come and play for the day. 
 It's such a beautiful camp, surrounded by redwood trees, and far enough out of town that it gets warm. We showed up and hung out for a bit, then the train picked up up and took us to Northspur. It was only a 10 minute ride, which seemed perfect for the kids, and I think we all felt pretty special having the train stop just for us. When arrived at Northspur, we had a little lunch, ice cream, hung out and enjoyed the beautiful day. 
The train took us back to camp, then we hung out and played and saw some really cute piglets. We all had so much fun and it made me feel so lucky to stay home with the boys and have the opportunity to do things like this with them. 
 I had shorts picked out and Elio insisted on wearing cowboys boots.
Kinda funny outfit, but he looks pretty cute!
 The swinging bridge.
 Can you see the train coming in the background?
 Enjoying the outdoor car. cream.
8 week old little pigs.

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