Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm sitting here on the couch sick AGAIN!
Strep throat, it's the second time in less than 2 months.
I'm taking this opportunity to update the blog!

My brother, his wife and kids were in town this weekend to celebrate Easter. Easter happens to be my moms favorite holiday. She loves doing an egg hunt. Not just for the little ones, She makes us all do it. I can't say as I complain because we always end up walking away with a little cash!

Here's a few pic's of the boys:

 Elio really loves his Uncle Richie, and he especially loves motorcycle rides with him!

The morning really did me in for the day, I was feeling horrible. So Kyle, being the super dad that he is, took the boys outside with him all afternoon while I rested.

The boys were cold and wet, so they hopped into the  bath. Elio got out, Nico stayed in while the water drained. He was having so much fun playing in the leftover bubbles, I had to take a few pics:

In other news, the boys are getting a new playground soon. Well, as soon as the weather clears up and the ground dries out a little. This is what we have going so far:

Kyle's been doing tractor work and leveling out the ground, then comes weed block, wood chips and the super cool swing set.
Can't wait!

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