Saturday, April 2, 2011

and we're at it again...

Nico is pretty much into EVERYTHING! I remember when Elio went through that phase too, but they slowly grow out of it and you kinda forget that it happened. Then when number two comes around, they like to remind you about all the things the first child has grown out of. They both are in really fun stages, but I can't say as I'll miss this:
 Don't get me wrong, it's really cute when he does new things. But when I came into the kitchen to find him like this, it scares me. I also found him standing on top of the counter looking in the cupboard for a snack. I'm not a fan of them doing things that are dangerous. Which I know is only going to get worse, I mean, they are boys. But for now, the stools are moved to the garage.

With Nico, everyday there's something new. He's starting to say a lot of new words, and understand things more and more. He's getting old enough to go outside and play when Kyle and Elio are out there. We definitely have a couple of boys that love being outside (I wish this rain would go away though!)

Elio is getting to be such a big boy, in just a couple of months he'll be turning 3. It seems like he was just a little baby, and know he's a little boy. He's so much fun to be around, and he makes us laugh, a lot. In the pic above, he got himself dressed, because he wanted to go outside. I thought he looked so cute! His new thing is saying "look at me." He wants us to watch his every move, from jumping off the couch like superman, to filling his cheeks full of water like a chipmunk. I think he probably says it about 20 times a day, and I'm not kidding.

This last weekend Elio had  his first sleepover with his cousins. He's had sleepovers before with Kyle's parents, but that's been it. The girls were staying with their Nonna and Nonno (Bob and Donna) and they invited Elio to stay too. I wasn't quite sure how he would do, but he did great!

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