Monday, February 21, 2011

Whale Watching

Yesterday was Elio's first time out on the ocean. We went whale watching with Uncle Richie, Auntie Corinne, and Nonna on my dad's boat.
Of course I've been on the ocean a time or two, and every time I went, I ended up getting sick. Since I haven't been in a while, I though maybe things would be different this time. I guess not, I ended up getting the sickies, and had to take a little nap, but everyone else had a great time. 
Elio was a little scared at first, and wanted to go back, after he started seeing the whales, he had lot's of fun.

 Ready to go!
 Uncle was kind enough to take a picture of Nico and I sleeping...
at least it wasn't of me getting sick.

 Elio and Nonna having fun.
 Click on the picture to enlarge, you can kinda see the whale.

While we were whale watching, Daddy and Nonno were picking up our new tractor. Here's a few pic's:

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