Sunday, August 8, 2010

Potty Training , Crawling, Housework, & Sandbox

As I'm sitting here about to tell you what a great first day of potty training Elio had yesterday, I feel something warm on my leg. Yes, Elio is sitting next to me in the chair, and he has just peed. Well, yesterday went really good, no accidents. The only funny thing was, we were on our way outside, I told him he could pee outside. So he stood right at the door and peed on the doormat. I guess that we a little miss communication on my part. I had to laugh, technically  he did pee outside. Elio ran around naked for a big part of the day, I think he had a lot of fun. So today is day two, cross your fingers for us.

Here's a little of what we did yesterday:
I was wearing an apron while I was making dinner...
Elio wanted to wear one too.
We went to feed the chickens.
He has some really cute undies but 
of course he loves being naked!

In other news, Nico is crawling. Full on crawling, it seemed like he was scooting around forever. I'd say that's not too bad, crawling at 6 months is great. I think he's trying to keep up with Elio, because he's starting to pull himself up on furniture too.

We've been having a little work done on our house. We are having the old trim removed, the rot repaired, new trim board put on and then new gutters.  There's been a lot of banging and load noises (nap time's been fun) but it's going to be well worth it, and it looks SO much better!
Our before roof

Our after

We've also been working on paint colors. I think we've decided to do a greyish brownish color with white trim. Oh, and a pink front door (would you expect anything less from me?).  Love it! (who knows when we will actually get around to painting though)
Kyle built this great little sandbox for the boys last weekend. I think it's going to be a great thing for the summer.

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