Thursday, May 20, 2010


Always wants to be outside ♥ Is super sweet to his brother...most of the time ♥ Loves hats, shoes and especially his boots ♥ Can't get enough of the hammer, he calls it a ham ham ♥ Loves cartoons; Caillou is his favorite, and in a close second Kipper ♥ Is so proud when he uses his potty, and he insists on flushing it down the toilet, then waves and says bye bye to it ♥ Blows kisses, and LOVES to give the rock ♥ He gets excited to put on his jammies ♥ Loves being naked ♥ Gives the best hugs and kisses (it's especially great when he asks for them) ♥ Kicks and throws the ball like a pro ♥ Wants everyone that comes to our house to play with him ♥ He's learning to ride his tricycle ♥ Is excited to see animals ♥ His favorite part of the day is when daddy comes home ♥ Climbs up into Nico's crib, although he can't get out by himself quite yet ♥ Blows Kisses ♥ Goes down the biggest slide at the park all by himself ♥ Pretends to be a monster, and scares everyone, including the chickens ♥ Points to a picture of himself and says "Elio" ♥ Is scared of bugs ♥ Loves to get into trouble, and hates time outs ♥ Insists on getting himself dressed, and of course he never matches ♥ Makes us read the same books over and over again ♥ He could water my flowers all day long if I let him ♥ Repeats what you say ♥ Enjoys helping us cook ♥ Loves tractors, tools, trucks and pretty much anything boyish ♥

Basically he's such a typical two year old. It's hard for us to believe we have a two year old. Some days it seems like we just had him, others it seems like forever ago. He is such a fun and sweet little boy, we love him so much and couldn't image our lives without him.

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