Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Beautiful Wedding

I'm feeling like we've been going nonstop this summer! Between family, friends, MOMS Club, vacations, weddings, babies, showers, Avon Walk, and working on the house (I'm sure there's lot's more!), we've been busy. I haven't hardly had time to blog, and I don't even have time to do many crafts for my crafting blog. So here I am doing a little blogging tonight to catch up. 
I can't say as I have a problem with being busy. We are never bored and it makes the days go by really fast. I know that when winter comes and we're not able to do so many outdoor activities, I'm going to be bummed, so we better enjoy it now!

Here's a few pic's from one of my best friends wedding. I've known Anna forever, actually we were born only a few hours apart. So many of my childhood memories have Anna in them. I couldn't be more happy for her, she picked an amazing guy, and they are so in love!

check out a few little things I made over at my other blog

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