Thursday, December 9, 2010

Busy Bees

With Christmas approaching, there' have been a lot of fun activities around town.

On Saturday we started by going to see Santa at one of our local sandwich shops (we've been doing it since Elio was born). Elio sat on Santa's lap and told him want he wanted: a train car. Nico cried. Poor Nico, he was scared of Santa.

Then we went to the bizarre at the Presbyterian Church. Santa was hanging out there while we had some lunch. There weren't a ton of kids there, and we were sitting about 5 feet away from Santa. Elio was in heaven. He was chattin it up with him. He told him about his train car, sat on his lap several times. It was really cute, he was memorized by him. 

We went home tooks some naps, then that night we went downtown to the Guest House to see Santa again. Such lucky kids huh? Santa three times in one day! Oh, then to top it off, we went out to Chinese food and watched the lighted truck parade. I'd say it was a pretty fun day.

We also went to the Festival of Lights at the Botanical Gardens. It  was the first time the Botanical gardens has put on this event. If you've been to the botanical gardens you know how beautiful it is. Well it's amazing at night covered in lights. The kids had lots of fun. I think this might end up being a new family tradition for us.

Here's a few fun pictures from our adventures:

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