Monday, November 8, 2010

Marisa and I took the boys in for their checkups last week.  Nico had his 9 month and Elio had his 2 1/2 year.

He weighed in at 22 lbs 3 oz an was in the 75% for weight. For his length he is 31 inches. When the doctor was looking at the percentile he said "he's off the charts". He was also very impressed that he was walking already. Way to go Nico!

He weighed in at 31lbs and was in the 75 percentile for weight. He is 37 1/2 inches long and in the 90% for height. He thought Elio was doing good with his speech and said he was looking good too.

 I always enjoy going in for their checkups and seeing how much they've grown.
Nico sure is changing everyday, and it seems like there have been some big changes lately. He's walking more and more. He's starting to clap, and wave goodbye to people. He fed me one of his snacks today, I'm pretty sure he says Momma, and I swear he gave me a kiss the other day.

 The boys have been really in to taking bubble baths lately. Elio loves the bubbles, he gets them out of the cupboard and pours it in the tub. We've been going through bubble bath rather quickly lately.
 Oh, and I gave them haircuts! Nico's hair has been a challenge for me. When he was born it was all dark. Then he lost it on the middle back and sides of his head, which was fine...until it grew back blond. Then it just looked like he had a messed up haircut. I tried to give him a little fohawk but it still didn't look quite right. So out came the clippers. I took it pretty short, and the back looks much better. I couldn't believe how much it made him look more like Kyle. So cute! Well after Nico got his haircut, then Elio wanted his like that too. So there you go.


  1. I love the name Nico! It's my cousin's name and I've always liked it :)