Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Mini Vacation

Here's what we did during our little vacation to Vacaville.

  • Marisa, Kyle, Elio, Nico and I drove to Vacaville- Both kids slept all the way!
  • Dinner- In & Out Burgers...Yum!
  • Kyle went to his class for Ace Hardware - He was learning how to mix paint.
  • Shopping- I finally was able to do some Christmas and Birthday shopping (i love gift cards!)
  • Went to Sac to meet baby Bennet! Kyle met us after class at Stef and Johns house in Sac. Michela also came over, we ordered in dinner and got to hang out with the babies. They are so cute!
  • Kyle had his last day of class.
  • Marisa, the boys and I all went out to breakfast- Country Waffles, one of my old fav's from Chico.
  • Grocery Shopping- Nugget is such a great store.
  • Took the boys to the park in the Nut Tree Shopping Center- Elio and Nonna took a train ride while we waited for Kyle to get out of class.
  • Kyle came home early!
  • Nonno drove over from Fort Bragg.
  • Uncle Mike and Auntie Raquel came over for dinner- MMM...Spaghetti.
  • Kyle and Elio took a hot tub together- Elio now dunks under water, and he LOVES it!
  • I got to drive to Sac and do a little more shopping...ALL BY MYSELF it was great!
  • Kyle and I had a much needed Date Night- Thai Food and our first IMAX movie. We saw Alice in Wonderland and loved it. I can't even tell you how nice it was to have some alone time.
  • Hot tubing again
  • Took naps
  • Drove to Santa Rosa to have dinner with Uncle Richie and Auntie Corinne.
  • Got home at about 11pm. I could hardly keep my eyes open.

I'm exhausted and have a ton of laundry but overall it was a great trip out of town.

Here are a few pic's:

I brought home my 3D glasses for Elio, he put them on upside down of course.

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