Sunday, February 21, 2010

They're getting so big!

At Nicole's birthday party last weekend Elio had so much fun playing with his cousin's and the other kids. Camryn and Elio were sharing a cupcake and I snapped this cute picture of them.


Elio loves going to swim lessons, this is him right before we left. I love the rain boots with shorts!

Nico sleeping through swim lessons.

Elio and Daddy before getting in the pool.

Elio's having a ton of fun.


Elio loves spaghetti, this was his third plate that night.

Nico has dimples!

This seems to have become our typical trip to town now days. Elio with an arm full of toys. This day it was a baby, a snuggie, and bucket filled with a dinosaur and a sippy cup. Luckily I was able to leave the star at home. Sometimes I have to hide some of toys when I take him out of the car to avoid bringing all of them in the store with us.

Nico and Elio now have matching hats. I need to get a picture of them together, but I thought this one was so cute.

I don't think Elio could decide between golfing, the bike or baseball.

Nico wearing his Baby Legs. (Thanks Auntie Meggie)

Elio eating waffles.

More Baby Legs, I can't get enough of the them!

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  1. Oh my god!!!! They are so cute! I just want to squeeze them. I've gotta come home soon. I'm missing everything!!!!