Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter and Abalone

Well this last weekend we had our second Easter, and it was great. Actually both weekends were super fun! Elio wasn't really into hunting for eggs, however he loved to chew on them. He's seems to be chewing and drooling a lot lately. We think it's because both of his top teeth are coming through.
Elio is loving being able to walk, as I am writing this he is walking around the house, holding a toy hammer and banging it on anything he can reach. We thought he was getting into everything before but now that he is walking it's totally different. He loves to follow me around the house. His new favorite thing to do is to climb into the dishwasher. Let's just say he is learning the word NO.

Brandon and Richard were in town this weekend, and they took Kyle for his first abalone dive. They had a great time and they got their limits. Elio and I went and hung out on the beach while they were diving. We have had such beautiful weather the last couple of days, we feel so lucky to be back here.

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  1. I took that exact same picture of Grant in the dishwasher. How can we say "no" when they are just so dam cute. Melissa