Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby Update

We had another baby doctor appointment, and everything is looking great! 

I got to hear Teo's heartbeat, and they measured me. I'm still measuring a little big, this time it was around 2 weeks bigger than I was supposed to be. I'm feeling alright, and I've already had a few contractions. I'm realizing it's my body's way of telling me to slow down, I need to sit in between doing things and try to get more rest. 

 Although I look like I could deliver any day now, I have about 6 weeks left. Right now Teo weighs as much as a pineapple- a little over 4lbs, and about 17 inches from head to heel. Boy, this little guy is active too. I don't remember the boys kicking me so hard and so often. It seems like he is always moving, I feel like he's getting ready to make his appearance in this world, and we couldn't be more excited!