Thursday, October 29, 2009

Elio went pee in his potty!

We just got the potty for Elio a couple of weeks ago. We know that it's a bit early to be potty training, but we thought we would put it in the bathroom anyway so he would get used to it. He likes to sit on it when we are in the bathroom, with his clothes on of course.
Kyle thought it would be a good idea to start taking him in there to try to go potty before we get him ready for bed. The first night he went standing up, but it ended up on the floor. Last night we sat him down and he went! We don't want to push him if he isn't ready, but it sure would be nice to have him out of diapers when the new baby comes.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Kyle and I took Elio to Redding for the weekend. We stayed at his cousin Lori's house, which is right on the Sacramento River. It's such a beautiful view. On Saturday we met up with my family and went to the pumpkin patch in Anderson. We all had such a great time. There was a ton of different things to do. Elio had his first pony ride, he loved it and when his turn was over he didn't really want to get off. We also went on the train around the pumpkin patch and watched baby pig races. The pigs names were Ham-A-Montana and Britney-Spare-Ribs. It was really cute. Since Jack and Kyle are a bit older, they were able to shoot pumpkins out of cannons, walk through the corn maze and ride the zip-line.

The pumpkin Patch is something that we have done since we lived in Chico, and we hope to go every year with the kids. It's become quite the tradition.

As you can see from the picture, my belly is growing! I went to the midwifes this last week for my check-up and they said everything is looking great. I'm over 6 months along, and the baby will be here before we know it. I've been working on the room and it's getting closer to being done. We still have yet to make a decision on a name for the little guy. If anyone has any cool names let us know.